White Square & Compass

Anchor Lodge No. 7 A.F. & A.M.

Chartered December 8th, 1886
Buffalo, Wyoming

History of the Lodge

Anchor Lodge No. 7 was organized in 1885, just one year after the city of Buffalo's founding.  It's charter was granted one year later on December 8th, 1886.  At that time, the Grand Lodge of Wyoming was just twelve year old, with Anchor Lodge being the seventh member lodge of the recently formed Grand Jurisdiction.

The charter members of Anchor Lodge were Eugene B. Mather, Richard J. Daley, James E. Smith, Stephen T. Farwell, John J. Lindenberger, Dr. John H. Lott, Charles J. Hogerson, Ephraim H. Smock, and John C. Watkins.

Anchor Lodge's first Worshipful Master was Eugene B. Mather.

During the years of turmoil, known around these parts as the Johnson County Wars, Anchor Lodge certainly was not exempt from the tensions and drama that ran rampant throughout the county. Although it has been written that one of the greatest tests of the Lodge's integrity came during this time when members of the lodge found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. The Defenders and their supporters sat along one side of the hall; those who supported the invaders sat along the other side. While it is believed that the conflict was not carried over into the lodge by its own members, the following article, written my a Milo B. Dailey, a member of Anchor Lodge paints an interesting, if not perfect story of the men and Mason's of the time.

Home is where the heart is...

Anchor Lodge has had several homes.  Originally, the Lodge met  in one of the upstairs rooms of the Occidental Hotel.  Then, in 1931 the Brethren raised some $34,000 to construct a lodge building at 185 South Main St. Today, this location is immediately North of the United States Post Office. After approximately 65 years at this location, the lodge building was sold due to issues with the roof and boiler system, on the two story building.

In the spring of 2011, Anchor Lodge bought the building at 155 Cedar St., which we had been leasing from the Odd Fellows.  Over the next several years, the lodge made improvements to the building in order to secure our physical future.